Georgia Hospital Possibly Exposes Veterans to HIV, HCV

Due to improperly sterilized equipment, over 4,600 veterans who had been given care at the Carl Vinson Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Dublin, Georgia, were tested for exposure to HIV, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C. While some patients tested positive, the hospital has not released the amount, disease type, or if the infections were an outcome from the exposure. After a mid-January review, it was found that improper steps were being taken in sterilizing equipment between patients, potentially exposing them to blood-borne pathogens. The VA then sent teams from other hospitals to offer personnel training, now having been retrained on current guidelines.

Reference: Dyer J. Veterans Potentially Exposed to HIV, HCV at Georgia Hospital. Medscape. Published March 8, 2022. Accessed November 10, 2022.
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