COVID-19 Outcomes for Those With HIV

Although initial studies showed that there was not a greater risk in mortality in individuals with HIV infected with COVID-19, larger analyses that were adjusted for age showed otherwise. Relative impact of HIV differed across the studies, which may be due to factors related to cohorts in healthcare and prevalence of additional risk factors that affect worse outcomes for COVID-19. In one study, HIV was linked to a 20% greater risk of hospitalization and 29% greater risk of mortality with COVID-19, following the adjustment for different covariates. Authors noted that there has been a challenge in giving accurate advice to those with HIV and their healthcare providers since COVID-19 became a global health threat. Studies outlined in this article support the collecting evidence for worse outcomes for those with HIV, also supporting initial guidance that HIV-positive individuals should be a priority for COVID-19 risk reduction.

Reference: Boffito M, Waters L. More evidence for worse COVID-19 outcomes in people with HIV. Lancet HIV. 2021;8(11):e661-e662. doi:10.1016/S2352-3018(21)00272-1
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